Small Group Training

Small Group Training

What Do You Want to Accomplish?


Workouts to elevate your heart and breathing rate. Great for weight loss, improving your energy and strengthening your heart.

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Training designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or muscle groups against resistance.

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Combo - Strength/Cardio

These classes combine the best of the cardio and strength exercise formats.

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Member Cost

1-Day a week for 4 weeks: $75
2-Days a week for 4 weeks: $130
3-Days a week for 4 weeks: $180

Nonmember Cost

1-Day a week for 4 weeks: $95
2-Days a week for 4 weeks: $150
3-Days a week for 4 weeks: $216

My Zone equipment for members only.

Listed cost is total for the month.
Months with holidays will have discounted three week sessions.

New Technology to help members assess biometrics, track the quality of each workout, and make recommendations to help members achieve their activity goals.

Trazer technology

Increases strength, improves rehabilitation, and enhances athletic performance. Measure and build your athletic movements for greater success on the field, court, or gym. This technology will be included for Personal Training and Small Group Training clients and EBHI program participants.



A wearable technology that allows you to see your effort in classes, join challenges, work-out with friends, and interact with your community. These belts will be included in all Small Group Training Programs and will be an option for Partner Training and Personal Training Clients.

My Zone equipment for members only.

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Arevolutionary technology that conducts body composition scans and provides dietary recommendations (macronutrients) to help you achieve your activity goals. Evolt body scans are included in every JumpStart appointment and are available to Personal Training/Small Group Training clients. Evolt body scans will be available to all YMCA members twice per year.


Training Schedules

All trainings are held in the YMCA-Ignite-Zone-Logo

Unless otherwise posted.

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