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Workouts to elevate your heart and breathing rate. Great for weight loss, improving your energy and strengthening your heart.

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Training designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or muscle groups against resistance.

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Restore and repair muscle to avoid injury or overuse. An opportunity for your body and mind to get the recovery it needs.

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These classes combine the best of the cardio and strength exercise formats.

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Classes based on strength training components that end with much-deserved recovery, including stretching, rolling out and more.

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Member Cost

1-Day: $80
2-Day: $120
3-Day: $180

Nonmember Cost

1-Day: $96
2-Day: $144
3-Day: $216

Cost is per week for four weeks
Months with holidays will have discounted three week sessions.

Class Schedules

All classes are held in the YMCA-Ignite-Zone-Logo,

Unless otherwise posted.
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