Middle School Initiative

What is Middle School Initiative?

Middle School Initiative is a program that provides a free YMCA membership to middle schoolers at specific schools across the region. The goal of this program is to inspire youth to discover their passions, develop a healthy lifestyle, and gain the assets needed to avoid risky behaviors in order to succeed in school and life.

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For more information, please contact Luke Calhoun at [email protected] or Alyissa Lofton at [email protected]  

We currently serve select middle schools in D2, D38 and D11 by providing programs at our DowntownSoutheast and Tri-Lakes YMCA centers.

The Southeast YMCA is currently serving Panorama Middle School, and Atlas Middle School 

The Downtown YMCA is currently serving North and Mann Middle Schools.

The Tri-Lakes YMCA is currently serving Lewis-Palmer Middle School.

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