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This blog is a new chapter for us and we are thrilled to invite you along for the journey. We are committed to ensuring that the YMCA has a positive impact on your life, and this new blog is just one way that we plan to achieve this.

Recent Articles

  • Parkinsons_500x500png

    YMCA Impact In Action: Parkinson's Exercise Program (PEP)

    by YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region | April 15, 2022

  • <a href="">Food photo created by freepik -</a>

    Nutrient Optimization and Deficiencies

    by YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region | July 29, 2019

    Dr. Gloria Winters explains how your diet might lacking the nutrients you need to stay healthy while you work on your fitness goals.
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  • How Sleep Impacts Our Health

    by YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region | June 19, 2019

    Summer is here and that can often mean late nights and early mornings. Dr. Gloria Winters explains how sleep can impact our day to day health and wellness.
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  • The Pikes Peak YMCA Celebrates 140 Years of Serving the Community

    by YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region | May 28, 2019

    President & CEO Boyd Williams shares his contribution to the Pikes Peak Y and talks about the meaning of 140 years of the Y.
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  • YMCA_Blog_Thumbnail_Colds-vs-Flue

    Cold vs. Flu: How to tell the difference

    by User Not Found | January 11, 2019

    Severe flu outcomes are a somber reminder of how serious the flu can be, even for healthy people. Hear Ben's story and learn more about how to spot the difference between a cold and the flu and when to see medical attention!
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  • YMCA_Blog_Thumbnail_Keeping-the-holidays-real-2018

    Keeping the holidays real

    by User Not Found | December 12, 2018

    Holiday preparations, parties, family visits and epic meals can challenge our preferred eating, exercise schedules and sleep cycles, not to mention, our sanity. Learn more about how to stay on track with your wellness goals during for the holidays with the YMCA!
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  • YMCA_Blog_Thumbnail_Y-Story-Jean-Boddy

    Y Story: Jean Boddy

    by User Not Found | October 27, 2017

    As a teacher of 40 years, Jean Boddy was used to taking care of others. But when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, she had to learn to ask others for what she needed and for support.
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  • YMCA_Blog_Thumbnail_Y-Story-Lara-Chapman

    Y Story: Lara Chapman

    by User Not Found | October 10, 2017

    For Downtown YMCA BodyPump Instructor Lara Chapman, Colorado Springs isn’t foreign territory. With her husband active in the military and Lara’s previous service in the Army, it’s no surprise that her family was stationed here in Colorado Springs for a second time.
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