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What is EGYM

EGYM takes the guesswork out of strength training and helps you keep a routine and reach your goals! EGYM consists of 10 fully electronic stations that cover all the major muscle groups and have been developed according to the latest exercise science research.

To use these machines, each member completes an orientation where they receive their personalized identification band, which allows the machines to recognize you, adjust for height, weight and strength, and tracks your progress. EGYM machines feature touchscreens with an interface like a video game that shows you how many reps to do, at what speed and with what range of motion.

The EGYM machines are arranged in a circuit and a timer tells you when to change machines to ensure a full workout in under 45 minutes. These machines are incredibly easy to use because they’re personalized to you. EGYM works for everyone, from the beginner to the more advanced athlete - you can train based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and fitness goals. Gain confidence that you’re doing the right workouts the right way! EGYM machines are currently offered at the Briargate YMCA and the Downtown YMCA.

EGYM is offered to YMCA members completely free!

All members must complete an orientation prior to using EGYM equipment.
Please ask a staff member in the Healthy Living area for more information and to sign up for an orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to complete an orientation to use the new equipment?

At the 30-minute orientation, you will receive your personalized identification band, learn how to operate the machines, and be taught how to navigate the equipment. The machines cannot be used without the band.

Are these machines free to use?

Yes! The EGYM equipment is completely free for you to use once you have completed an orientation. There is an option to upgrade to EGYM Premium for more workout options, but EGYM Premium is not necessary to use the equipment.

When can I sign up for an orientation?

EGYM is currently offered at the Downtown & Briargate YMCAs. Ask a staff member at the Downtown or Briargate YMCA for more information on when and where you can sign up.

What are the EGYM training techniques?

Changing training methods keeps workouts varied and challenging to ensure that muscles continue to progress. EGYM training is designed to prevent members from overtraining or plateauing.

The screen on each machine gives members a clear overview of their training progress. The machines explain the correct technique then guide members through their movements rep-by-rep.


Resistance stays constant as it would on traditional strength training equipment.

Simple, easy to follow, good for beginners


Lower resistance while lifting the weight and higher resistance while releasing the weight.

Improves strength gains, prevents injury, lowers blood pressure and heart rate


Resistance starts high and is gradually reduced throughout the exercise based on the remaining muscle action potential.

Improves muscles growth through increased fatigue


Constant resistance lifted with maximum acceleration at certain points during your workout.

Increases strength for daily activities, targets fast-twitch muscle fibers

Why does EGYM work?

Why EGYM works

EGYM was developed using state-of-the-art exercise science. Different fitness goals require different workouts—a weightlifter works out differently than someone who has never strength trained.

In order to make sure that you start at a comfortable level, never overtrain, and always keep improving, EGYM adapts the following equipment settings based on your goal, progress and body type:


If you want to gain muscle, EGYM will set a higher training weight whereas a lower weight is sufficient for weight loss.

Many repetitions with less weight define the muscle, whereas few repetitions with more weight enlarge it.

Training duration 

EGYM alternates long, less intensive sessions with short, high intensity ones to ensure that you’ll continue to grow.

Pace of Movement 

A fast, explosive movement has a different effect than a long slow movement.

“With regular machines, I just put weight on and have no clue if it’s the right amount or if it’s working... With EGYM I know exactly what I need to do to get a real workout.”

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Questions or comments about EGYM? Reach out to us here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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