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Lifeguard Certification

Due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic we will not be offering any classes.
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Lifeguard Certification is designed to train and certify individuals in the knowledge and skills necessary to help prevent and recognize aquatic risks and respond to emergencies.

Participants will also be certified in American Safety and Health Institute's (ASHI) courses: CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, Basic First Aid for the Community, and Emergency Oxygen Administration upon successful completion of this course.

Prerequisite Requirements

  • Participants must be 16 years old at the completion of the lifeguard class
  • Successfully complete Pre-swim - see below for more information
  • Complete all required online pre-course work

At the conclusion of the pre-swim, registration process for the lifeguard class will be discussed including interview, employment opportunities, and payment of the course.


Lifeguard at the YMCA Portal Pool

For more information contact Murphy Barry, Aquatics Business and Training Director at [email protected].

Pre-Swim Registration

Completion of a pre-swim is a requirement to gain admittance into a lifeguard class. All pre-swims are conducted at the Downtown YMCA. All participants must be 16 years of age or will be at the conclusion of the lifeguard class they are planning to attend. See below for the upcoming lifeguard classes. The physical competency of the test include:

Phase 1 - 2 minutes of treading water with legs only followed by a 100 yard (2 laps) of front crawl.

Phase 2 - Swim 50 yards (1 lap) of each of the following strokes:

  • Front Crawl - head up
  • Breaststroke
  • Breaststroke - head up
  • Sidestroke
  • Elementary backstroke with hands on chest (inverted whip kick)

Phase 3 - Sprint 60 ft of front crawl and do an arm over arm surface dive to retrieve and object from the bottom at 7 ft. Tread water for 1 minute and return object to the bottom of the pool and then finish the length of the pool and complete 100 compressions.

Lifeguards swimming at the YMCA

Need help to prepare for a Lifeguard Pre-swim? Register for a lifeguard prep course at Southeast YMCA or Memorial Park YMCA.


Lifeguard Class Information

If you successfully pass the pre-swim the next available lifeguard class will be discussed as well as an interview will be conducted. At the conclusion of the interview, the participant will be registered for the class and explained the pre-course requirements. Participants under the age of 18 will be required to bring a parent/guardian to this portion of the test. At this time pricing will be discussed.

Promotional Pricing

If the lifeguard candidate works for the YMCA for 90+ days at a center, the cost of lifeguarding class will be covered.

*Location of employment is dependent on need*

Non-promotional Pricing

This pricing is for individuals not planning to work for the YMCA.

Member $175
Nonmember $225

Dates, Times & Locations

Participants are required to attend all days of the class.

Lifeguards training at the YMCA

Lifeguard Positions

The Y has led the way in swimming and water safety for more than 125 years. Through the YMCA Lifeguard, you have the opportunity to not only benefit as a participant in this program, but also to help others reach their full potential through swimming and water safety programs at the Y. The goal of developing character and building assets are central to the YMCA philosophy and make YMCA programs different than those offered by any other organization. By taking the YMCA lifeguard course or being employed by the YMCA you will develop specific skills while growing in spirit, mind, and body.

For more information contact Murphy Barry, Aquatics Business and Training Director at [email protected].

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