Outdoor Pool FAQ

Why block scheduling?

  • We have had a lot of feedback in past years from our Y members and community members that the pool was always full, and that they couldn't get in unless they arrived very early in the morning to get in line.
  • Block scheduling is being implemented in order to help facilitate equal use of the pool to everyone who wants to come swim. 
  • Thirty minutes prior to the session beginning, should capacity be met, block scheduling will be implemented, which will require patrons to exit the pool and re-enter the line for the next session. Should capacity not be reached, the block schedule will not be utilized.

How does block scheduling work?

  • There are specific blocks of time (varies by pool) that people can come in and swim.
  • At the end of the swim block, all patrons will be asked to exit the facility for half an hour so that staff can clean the facility and prepare for the next session.
  • After the half hour break, the next block will begin and provide opportunity for a new group of swimmers to enter the pool.
  • Anyone from the previous block session may get back in line. Please note all members of the party must exit the pool and re-enter the line.

What is the benefit to using block scheduling?

We believe that this system will allow us to provide a much more consistent and fair experience to you. We hope that it will allow you to enjoy our pools even more this summer!

  1. If you arrive to the pool and it has already hit capacity you do not have to wait around all day to know when you might have a chance of getting in, you can come back at the start of the next block. 
  2. With two block schedules, we have doubled the daily capacity for our pools.
  3. If you work in the mornings, there is an opportunity for you to get into the pool at the end of the day.
  4. Dedicated cleaning time between each block allows the staff to provide a better experience when you arrive at the pool.
  5. We are still offering four outdoor facilities that you can bring a lunch and enjoy all day if that is what you would like to do.

Can we still use the call-ahead system “Wait Away Program”

  • Wait Away will be available at Cottonwood Creek when the pools are at capacity.
  • Wait Away will not be available at Wilson Ranch.

Why are swim lessons not offered at the outdoor pools this year?

  • In an effort to better serve our community and pool pass patrons, we’ve decided to offer swim lessons at our family and city recreation centers instead of the outdoor pools.
  • By doing so, we will minimize the number of cancellations and/or closures due to inclement weather.
  • We will also be able to launch a new swim curriculum with a strong focus on program delivery and provide 5-star customer service to our swim lesson participants at six conveniently-located facilities.
  • It is also intended to significantly reduce wait time and pool capacity issues for our outdoor pools.

Is a “Nanny Pass” applicable to the pool pass?

  • Nanny pass at outdoor pools is treated the same as branches and can be used if the nanny is with the children but never alone.

Can Water Exercise participants at Wilson Ranch stay for the 1st swim session?

  • Water Exercise participants will need to exit the pool and enter the line for the first block session.

Can I make reservations at Wilson Ranch?

  • Group Reservations and Birthday Parties are the only guaranteed reservations.

As a day pass user do I have to pay for another swim session at Wilson Ranch?

  • No, we will have a process in place that will not require you to pay for a subsequent swim session on the same day
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