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Member Agreement

Membership Standards/Informed Consent/Photo Release

  • Any person who supports the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility may become a member of the YMCA in accordance with such standards as may be established by the board of directors, and shall continue to be a member unless the board or an authorized agent concludes, in its sole discretion, that a member has failed to live up to the standards and commitment required of members of the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region.
  • The board of director has determined that persons convicted of any offense that places their name on a registered sex offender list are not eligible for membership in the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region. The YMCA may, in its discretion, periodically review sex offender lists and do background checks for this purpose. In the event it is determined that a member or prospective members name is on a registered sex offender list, that person will not be eligible for membership.
  • I understand that activities at the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region have inherent risks and I hereby assume all risks and hazards incident to my participation in all YMCA activities. I further waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region, the organizers, volunteers, supervisors, officers, directors, participants, coaches and referees from any claims of injury sustained during my use of YMCA property or participation in their activities.
  • I grant the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region the right to use my name and likeness in a photograph, filmed production, advertisement, audio segment, or other electronic or print promotional media for the YMCA. This shall extend to any and all phases of the utilization of the production including publicity, promotion, advertising and marketing.

Payment Terms

Annual Membership

Prorated amount between the date of purchase and end of month is due at point of sale, in addition to 12 consecutive months. The membership is non transferable or refundable.

Credit Card/Bank Draft Authorization

By providing your bank draft information, you are acknowledging this is a request to your financial institution. You agree that this authorization is to remain in effect until receipt by the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region in-person notice of cancellation. Any charge rejected for any reason may result in a return fee up to the amount available by state law.

Financial Assistance

I understand that I must provide verification of my income upon application for membership. I also understand that as a financial assistance member, I must reapply, providing updated income verification every year. Failure to reapply will result in my membership reverting to the full amount. NO Refunds.

Length of Membership

Monthly memberships continue indefinitely until member cancels the membership in writing.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be completed in person at your local YMCA. All cancellations need to be completed 5 calendar days prior to your draft day of the 1st or the 15th to be effective for that month.

Changes to Credit Card or Bank Account

Changes to the bank account or credit card on file can be made either at your YMCA or on-line at These changes must be made 5 days prior to your scheduled draft day of the 1st or the 15th of each month in order to be effective for the current month.

Returned Payments

You will be notified if a credit card or bank account charge is returned to the YMCA and your account may be subject to a $20 processing fee. You are also responsible for any additional costs including any credit card/bank fees imposed by the members credit card company/ bank and possible attorney fees, court costs and taxes. If the dues are not collected 25 days after the return the membership will be cancelled. Electronic debits will be resubmitted up to two times and if charges are not collected, membership will be cancelled.

Membership Type Changes

All changes to membership must be made 5 days prior to the draft day of either the 1st or the 15th in order to be effective for the current month. These changes can be made at your YMCA or on-line at

Rate Changes

Members will be notified by email of impending rate changes. It is the responsibility of the member to update the YMCA with any email address changes.

Conditions of Membership

For safety, emergency and security reasons, all members MUST present their membership card or a photo ID at the front desk when using the facility or participating in a program.

Service Fee

The Y imposes a service fee of 2.75% on all credit card transactions and 2.25% on all ACH transactions, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance.

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