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$5000 Gift$5,000 Gift

Gives 12 cancer survivors the chance to regain hope and strength through LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA.

$2500 Gift$2,500 Gift

A week at Camp Shady Brook is possible for six kids who otherwise couldn't afford the best week of their summer.

$1000 Gift

$1,000 Gift

Provide 4 teens the tools to reach their full potential by touring colleges and having an experience of a lifetime.

$500 Gift$500 Gift

Six youth are safe and actively engaged after school 5 days a week.

$250 Gift

$250 Gift

Six future friends learn sportsmanship and skills with Y sports.

$100 Gift$100 Gift

Four children of our community can learn to swim and be safe around water.



Annual Support Campaign SAW


Last summer, we debuted our Safety Around Water program and taught nearly 100 underserved children vital water safety skills. This year, the program has seen equal success, with 100 more kids taking the life-saving lessons. 

A mom named Lauren and her son, Cael, experienced the benefit of these lessons firsthand. During the family’s recent vacation, Cael fell into a swimming pool. Because of his practice with Safety Around Water, he knew how to get himself into the back-float position and climb out of the pool all on his own. What makes his story even more remarkable is that Cael is hearing impaired. Because the Y has swim instructors who are fluent in American Sign Language and happy to work with students like Cael, he was able to learn the skills he needed to be safe around water, skills that may have saved his life.

Annual Support Campaign CSB


Camp Shady Brook is one of the most unique Y centers. At the overnight camp, the staff creates opportunities in the great outdoors for personal growth. Each summer, CSB holds Camp Corral, a special camp reserved for children who have a military parent that has fallen, been wounded and/or is disabled. Because of this, these kids come to camp with a unique set of challenges facing them at home. 

One such camper was Timmy. Timmy’s father is severely injured, and Timmy is on the autism spectrum. Assimilating to camp activities in his first year was challenging, but Timmy returned to camp this year with predetermined goals and got the support he needed to stay focused and achieve those goals. Timmy came to CSB with social and emotional challenges, but he left with a sense of accomplishment, heightened self-efficacy and a desire to transfer his goal-setting abilities into other aspects of his life. 

Annual Support Campaign College


Dedrea Duncan has been faced with a set of challenging circumstances. Growing up with problems ranging from a lack of parental supervision to homelessness, Dedrea could have easily become a negative statistic. Instead, she is a shining star, crediting her success to a lot of hard work and the YMCA. 

Finding herself homeless and without guidance near the end of her high school career, Dedrea found support at the Y. With proper coaching, encouragement and resources, she was able to complete high school on time and set her sights on college. Dedrea is the first in her family to graduate from high school and plans to be the first to obtain a college degree. Because of a college tour trip by the Y, Dedrea found her college of choice in Otero Junior College.

Annual Support Campaign OKC Quilter


Operation Kid Comfort is a program that eases the stress of a parent’s deployment by providing a free photo quilt or pillow to the child of a deployed parent. Liz Jones has created four quilts for Operation Kid Comfort. Her father was in the Army and her mother was a Marine, so she knows what it’s like to miss a deployed parent. “I remember wishing I had something to hold on to, so when I heard about these quilts, I was like, ‘yeah, I can do that,’” she said. “A quilt, to me, is like a hug, and I figure every kid wants that hug.” Jones said she enjoys coming back to the Y to see the kids pick up their quilts, explaining that their smiles really make it worth it.

Annual Support Campaign OKC Family


A family who recently picked up their quilts got two – one for five-year-old James and one for his year-old sister, Briella. Their mom, Cecilia, loved how the program gives families comfort and a special moment for parents to share with their kids. She also said that she loved how the Armed Services Y is always there to invite her family to events like the military family dinner, or breakfast with Santa, making sure her family feels appreciated. The quilts, she said, were extra special to her and her family. Her son James agreed, proclaiming he loved his quilt because “it has all my favorite stuff I like…ninja turtles and my dad who I love.” He said his sister likes her quilt because she likes Minnie Mouse and, of course, her dad.

Annual Support Campaign Camp Corral


Being a military child is never easy, but it is especially hard for the children of wounded, disabled and fallen soldiers. The mission of Camp Corral is to transform the lives of the children of those military heroes by providing a unique experience where campers are surrounded by peers who understand what they’re going through. The camp also provides a safe place to talk about the challenges they face and gives them a break from their many responsibilities at home.

The Y is proud to serve Camp Corral kids at our very own Camp Shady Brook. Jessica is a local camper who attended with her two younger brothers. Even though she was very willing to help her brothers and other campers alike, Jessica had low self-esteem and did not see the potential within her. During a cabin chat one evening, Jessica shared some of the struggles she faces at home – she lives in a single parent household and her father, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, has many physical and psychological injuries, including PTSD, which leaves the care of her siblings up to Jessica. Thanks to her time at camp, Jessica was able to build her confidence. With each success and friendship, her self-esteem continued to improve. In just one week, Jessica adopted an entirely new perspective on her life, as well as a contagious smile.

Annual Support Campaign volunteer


After 24 years in the military, Sergeant Major Fred Culp is still serving – but now, he’s serving up biscuits and gravy to other veterans at the Southeast & Armed Services Y’s annual Veterans Appreciation Breakfast. Culp likes serving all the vets, but he especially likes serving the veterans who are older than him. “It motivates me to see these oldtimers,” he said. “Hopefully someday I become one of them.” Culp always wants his biscuits and gravy to be the best thing put on the buffet line, and says that when vets like his food, it gives him that feeling of warm, fuzzy satisfaction, so he gets something back from volunteering, too. Culp says the veterans definitely appreciate the events the Y puts on for them. “Vets are just looking to live their lives in a positive way,” he said. “They look forward to these special occasions, and that’s the positive effect of the Y.”

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