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A beacon of vitality for adults ages 55+

Do you want to challenge your brain by experiencing something new? Is the creative side of you ready to explore new worlds on a canvas? Are you looking for a social outlet? Have you been wanting to participate in an exercise or dance class? Then the Colorado Springs Senior Center is the place for you!

The Colorado Springs Senior Center is a place for aging adults 55 and up to stay active, participate in a wide range of diverse activities, enjoy a good meal and connect with their community. Through an innovative partnership with the City of Colorado Springs, the Y is able to serve even more seniors and deepen its commitment to improving the quality of life in our region.

Please browse our classes, group, and special events. We are happy to answer any questions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer of life experiences to adults 55 years of age and older through programs, events and possibilities revisiting a past time or trying something new!

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Senior Center Staff

Have you met the staff at the Colorado Springs Senior Center? Learn about who we are, what our roles are, and where you can find us below! Our full-time staff, and all other staff serve in part-time positions.


Tom Lathrop

Operations Director

I am the Operations Director for the Senior Center. My main responsibility is to ensure the Senior Center is providing classes and activities for the older adults in the community. I make sure things run smoothly and manage a team that provides an excellent experience for our patrons. I love music, being outdoors and going to an occasional Indycar race.

Currently you’ll find me primarily at the Downtown YMCA but I move around to the other locations from time to time.

You can reach me at: 719.955.3401 or [email protected]

Christa Hazlett

Christa Hazlett

Director of Senior Programs

Christa, a Colorado Springs native, has dedicated over 30 years to working with seniors in various roles. She is a proud mother of six children and a grandmother to ten grandchildren. Her love for family knows no bounds. In her free time, she enjoys diving into fantasy novels and immersing herself in historical time period movies.

You will find me primarily at the Westside Cottages (1616 W. Bijou) during the construction of our new Senior Center.

You can reach me at: 719.955.3402 or [email protected]


Shelia Woolwine

Member Services Representative/Grant Entry Clerk

Sheila fulfills a dual role at the Colorado Springs Senior Center (CSSC). As a Member Services Representative, she provides front desk support for patrons in person and via telephone. Among her many responsibilities are assisting patrons with class selection and registering them for classes & events; assisting groups and clubs meeting at the Center; assisting with training of volunteers; and providing community referral information. In this role she provides customer support, building relationships with existing patrons and creating a positive environment and support for all who utilize the CSSC.

Sheila also serves as a Grant Data Entry Clerk, preparing required documents to ensure reimbursement requests are submitted in a timely manner and creating and maintaining documents reviewed during program reviews and assessments.

As a former "military brat" and an Air Force retiree herself, she’s traveled extensively and loves visiting new places, learning and acquiring new skills and meeting people. She takes cooking classes and is currently learning to juggle. She has mastered four professions before beginning a new one in the senior adult industry in 2010.

Working at the CSSC allows her to fulfill her passion to help seniors stay active and engaged and allows her to serve as a resource in connecting seniors and their family members with the right community resources. Every single day she is given the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Reach Sheila at: 719.955.3400 or [email protected]


Sharon Elstad

Business Coordinator

Hello, I am Sharon Elstad, the Business Coordinator at the Colorado Springs Senior Center. I have been a front desk volunteer at the Senior Center for the past several years and am now working in a more formal capacity coordinating volunteers, performing front desk duties and serving our patrons in a variety of ways. I am excited to be part of the transition to our new Senior Center building projected to open in early 2025. Prior to my involvement at the Senior Center, I spent 25 years in the field of education. My hobbies include exercise, travel (primarily to visit my new granddaughter in Maryland), and a new found interest in crocheting.

You can reach me by email at: 719.955.3400 or [email protected]


Christy Olsen

Member Services Representative

Christy started at the Senior Center in September of 2023. He brings a love of people and a special ability to have a conversation with pretty much anyone. You’ll usually find him at the check-in desk, ready to answer questions, help you carry things, or just chat for a while. In addition to working at the Senior Center, Christy works for PPYMCA in the Sports department. In years past, Christy served as an Air Force officer, worked at a web start-up, and led music at church. These days he is busy as a father of four boys. He loves music, woodworking, and learning new things.

Christy works part-time and can be found at the Westside Cottages.

Reach Christy at: 719.209.1717 or [email protected]


Maisie Schulz

Member Services Representative

Hello, I’m Maisie, and I am currently a Member Service Representative here at the Colorado Springs Senior Center. You’ll find me either at the Westside Cottages or at the Downtown YMCA during the time of construction of the new Senior Center. I have been working for the YMCA since 2017, I have worked in multiple departments, such as aquatics and Youth Development, and at lots of different locations such as the Garden Ranch YMCA and the Briargate YMCA. I am excited to start my journey here at the Senior Center, and look forward to all the memories I will make.

I grew up primarily in Italy and here in Colorado, but have also traveled a lot due to being a military family. As a result of this I love photography and sightseeing. Recently I have picked up a few new hobbies such as crocheting and drawing, I really enjoy being able to create my own art.

Feel free to reach me at: 719.955.3400 or [email protected]

You've climbed the mountain. Now enjoy the view!

Annual Support Campaign

As people age, they can become solitary and disconnected from their family and community. Many times, this is magnified due to the lack of financial resources. By donating to our Annual Support Campaign, you can change the world of a senior who lives on a limited income.


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