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Personal Training

Personal Training has something to offer EVERYONE!

Whether you are a rookie to the gym, an experienced exerciser or just need someone to help you create an exercise routine, Personal Training can help you achieve your fitness goals! Your Personal Trainer will assist you with motivation, challenge, change, safety and accountability as well as get answers to any other wellness-related questions you may have. Once you have determined your fitness goals, your Personal Trainer will create an exercise program specifically for you and will help you stay on track.

Our nationally certified trainers will work with you to schedule sessions where and when it's convenient for you.

To purchase Personal Training sessions, please visit your local YMCA

Y Trainers Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Each day people resolve to "get more fit" or lose weight. However, what often happens is the person does not have a plan or know how to tackle that goal. Another factor can be a lack of accountability - no one is holding you to meeting that goal. The YMCA personal trainers can serve as a resource in meeting your goals. Personal training begins with a consultation with one of the Y's certified personal trainers. During that time, the trainer learns about your interests, your goals and more about you. The trainer then works with you to develop an action plan to meet your goals!

Our personal trainers carry one or sometimes more certifications from nationally recognized organizations such as ACSM, NSCA, NASM or ACE in addition to undergoing YMCA training. Personal training sessions may be purchased as individual sessions or in packages (the packages reduce the cost per session). For more, please contact the Healthy Living Center staff at your local Y!

Personal Training Packages

Are you looking for some guidance to achieve your fitness goals? Find the Personal Training Package that is perfect for you!



1-on-1 Paid-in-Full Personal Training Packages

4 Sessions $149
8 Sessions $293
12 Sessions $426
24 Sessions $779 Best Value!

SAVE 15% with 3-month commitment plans!



1-on-1 Personal Training Packages - 3-Month Commitment

4 Sessions $126.95 (one session/week)
8 Sessions $249.05 (two sessions/week)
12 Sessions $362.10 (three sessions/week)

Above prices are per month. Save 15% when you commit to your goals today!




1-on-1 Paid-in-Full Personal Training Packages

4 Sessions $231
8 Sessions $452
12 Sessions $658
24 Sessions $1,199 Best Value!

SAVE 15% with 3-month commitment plans!



1-on-1 Personal Training Packages - 3-Month Commitment

4 Sessions $196.11 (one session/week)
8 Sessions $384.20 (two sessions/week)
12 Sessions $559.30 (three sessions/week)

Above prices are per month. Save 15% when you commit to your goals today!


Payment Option: 3-Month Commitment Pricing

Members have the option to set up 3-Month Commitment Pricing for their personal training purchase. We offer 4, 8 and 12 session packages for our 3-Month Commitment plan! To purchase personal training through the 3-Month Commitment plan you just have to make three simple choices:

  • Do you want 4, 8 or 12 sessions a month with a trainer?
  • Do you want to commit to 3 months at a time?
  • Do you want half-hour or full-hour sessions?

As a token of our appreciation for your commitment to your health and well-being for three months at a time, we will gladly provide you with a price break on the 3-Month Commitment Pricing option.

For additional payment options, please visit your local YMCA!

Top 10 Reasons for Personal Training

  1. Motivation!
  2. Consistency!
  3. Safety!
  4. Supervision!
  5. Effective workouts!
  6. Individualize instruction!
  7. Reach and maintain a healthy body weight!
  8. Improve your overall fitness!
  9. Social support!
  10. Overall expertise providing efficiency in your workout!

To purchase Personal Training sessions please visit your local YMCA today!

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