WFH Routines

by Jordan Ciambrone | July 14, 2020, 09:43 AM

Minding your routine

In a day and age when many of us are working from home, creating effective routines frees up mental space for other projects, thoughts or emotional processes. When the structure and function of society changes on a moment to moment basis, maintaining some consistency in daily routines can provide a valued sense of control and normalcy. Brainstorm, without limitation, an ideal routine that will set you up for success.  Rest assured, refining the routine is built into a later part of the process.  

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Organizing Needs 

First, determine how much autonomy you have and you need to work well.  What are the variables? What you can actually control and what elements lie outside of your proverbial marionette strings? Are you required to “clock in/out” of work?  Do others in the household need a structured schedule? How much structure is too much, leaving you feeling constricted or unable to find flow? How much structure is not enough, making you feel disorganized and unsure of your next steps? Be the goldilocks of defining how structured you schedule needs to be for peak functioning, as a mom, dad, employee, entrepreneur, or health seeking human.

Next, consider what elements of your day ground you.  These elements will be your anchor points. (i.e. morning exercise, shower, lunch at noon, etc.) What, if anything,  would you change to optimize them? Would you add more flexibility? Or more structure? 

Finally, be sure to celebrate the end of the workday! Reward yourself and your family with time spent well together, planning a nourishing meal or decorating a beautiful table to share what you learned throughout the day! 


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Personal Experiments 

The beauty of this moment is that NOTHING is set in stone. Test out your new routine for a week or so. See what works, and what could use refinement. Tweek and repeat your science experiment! 

Next up, loosen the reins on routines, and find FLOW!

Until next time,

Jordan and Bethany


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