Heart Centered

by Bethany Kelsey | July 14, 2020, 09:48 AM

The examination of spirit is a tale as old as time.  Cultures and religions throughout the world speak to the existence of spirit and offer multitudes of definitions.  At the very heart of spirit is its etymology.  The origin of the word is Latin (spiritus) and means “breath”.  

We are unable to live without our breath, our spirit.  Have you ever consciously thought about feeding your spirit?  As your body and your mind require self-care, so does your spirit.            

Spirit Self-Care

We invite you to join us for an exploration of gentle ways to care for your spirit.  We will look at why spirit self-care is important and realistic practices you can incorporate into life.  The key, no matter what we present to you, is to discover what works best for you.    


Our goal is never to overwhelm you with one more thing to do.  We know life pushes and pulls us all in a multitude of directions.  Our goal is to support you and to applaud you along the way.  

Until we meet again, would you consider your own definition of spirit?  Is your spirit healthy?  Does your spirit need care?    

With gentleness,

Bethany and Jordan 


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