Cultivating Peace

by Bethany Kelsey | July 14, 2020, 09:49 AM

When you think of caring for your spirit or feeding your spirit, what comes to mind?  Hold onto that thought as we look at a few simple ways to practice spirit self-care.  Some may apply to you, others may not.  The key is to find and practice what resonates with you. 


Many of us hold deep roots in a faith system.  Perhaps you attend a weekly service, or perhaps you listen to a podcast with teachings.

Be in Nature

Does being outside rejuvenate your spirit?  Does sitting by lapping water soothe your soul?  Give yourself the gift of going outside.

Engage in a Hobby

When your mind is spinning a million miles a minute, is there a hobby that calms you?  Engaging in a hobby that feeds your spirit is wonderful!  Pick up the paint brush, break out the baking pans, dust off the piano, and dive into the world where you get lost expressing you.

Turn Off Technology

While technology offers us many wonderful things - you are reading this blog online! -, it also can be a source of information overload.  Allow yourself the space to silence technology, to turn off being “on” at all times, and to simply enjoy the quiet.

Practice Forgiveness 

I was once taught that refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.  We all experience hurt, and we all hurt others.  Holding onto the hurt and refusing to forgive, in the end, serves only to hurt you and your spirit.

Next Step  

I am unable to emphasize enough the importance of finding a practice that is unique and personal to you.  That practice/activity may not even be listed.  The list is simply a place to begin and to explore.  I began by asking you “When you think of caring for your spirit or feeding your spirit, what comes to mind?”.  Your answer to the question may be the exact place to begin.

Until next time,

Bethany and Jordan

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