Monthly Sponsorship Interest

Sponsorship Opportunity 2022

We would love to partner with you to bless our seniors with the gift of coffee each month. Would you be willing to donate a month's worth of ground coffee to benefit our seniors and promote your brand?

What we're asking for:

  • 10 pounds of ground medium roast coffee
  • A vector file of your logo to go on our website and on signage at the coffee bar the month you sponsor
  • It is optional but greatly appreciated to donate disposable 8 oz. coffee cups and sleeves
  • Would you be interested in donating and item or two with your logo to be given away in a drawing at the end of the your sponsored month?

PLEASE NOTE: We do not charge our seniors for a cup of coffee. We do have a donation box if they wish to give. Those donations help us buy in bulk to keep the coffee bar stocked with packets of sugar, stir sticks, etc.


Please reach out with any questions to Lyndsey Pouncey, Operations & Program Director at 719.955.3401

Let us know how to make it right!

When we make coffee we use 2 cups of grounds for 3 gallons of water. That makes us 48 8 oz. cups of coffee.
How should we make yours so that it tastes just right?
Would you mind adjusting the amount of grounds you donate so that we can brew 48 8 oz. cups per day for the month?