Exercise & Dance Schedule

In support of our community's efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and Governor Polis' executive order, the Colorado Springs Senior Center will remain closed. At this time we do not have a reopen date. Once this has been determined communication will be deployed. Please visit for the latest updates.

Fit Path

Give your fitness goals a great start by mapping out your health and wellness plan. In this free class, we will discuss the different dimensions of wellness. We will investigate areas for improvement in your life through conversations of goal setting and realistic fitness planning. Class is led by certified Personal Trainers. Register at the front desk. 

Parkinson's Exercise Program

Exercise as Medicine:  the Senior Center is partnering with Parkinson's Wellness Recovery (PWR!) to create a comprehensive, neuroplasticity-principled program that integrates the latest exercise and wellness research. PEP provides a supportive exercise environment to optimize brain recovery and repair. We utilize exercise as medicine to increase quality of life so that you can get better and stay better.


Get exercise, reduce stress and bring peace to your body, mind and spirit. Nia is a fantastic blend of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts that keeps you coming back for more! Classes are done barefoot (optional) to beautiful music and is low impact on your joints. Nia provides strength and cardio conditioning for anyone at any level. Come dance!


TaijiFit is a mind/body workout that combines the best of traditional Tai Chi with modern Western fitness and is considered the number one new mind/body workout in North America. There are no set routines to memorize-just follow the lead of the instructor. This class is designed to improve overall fitness emphasizing balance, mobility, stability and timing of movement. No prior exercise is required.

Cardio Drumming

Experience a workout different from anything you have tried before. The class combines dynamic movements of aerobic dance with the pulsating rhythms of the drum. Using drum sticks and a stability ball, follow the choreography to improve physical fitness and mental acuity. Check the exercise class schedule for dates and times.

Matter of Balance

Many older adults experience a fear of falling. People who develop this fear often limit their activities, which can result in physical weakness, making the risk of falling even greater. A Matter of Balance is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults. During the class, participants will learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals for increasing activity, reduce fall risk factors at home and learn simple exercises to increase strength and balance.

Moving For Better Balance

An evidenced-based fall prevention program that uses the principles and movements of Tai Chi. These techniques will help older adults improve balance and increase confidence in doing everyday activities without the fear of falling. Registrations for participants who are 60 years old or older are paid for by a grant from the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging.

Senior Fitness Testing

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) students will administer the Senior Fitness Test, designed especially for those 55 and older. The test will assess balance, gait, strength, flexibility, endurance, power and agility. After completion, students will provide information about your confidential results, comparing to national averages and giving recommendations for improvements.

Fly Swatter Volleyball

Are you ready for some FUN?! Sitting in a chair and only using a fly swatter, volley a balloon over the net. Rules will be parallel to volleyball. Compete with one another in a fun and friendly atmosphere! First team to reach 15 points WINS!

Drop-in Class Rates

Are you wanting to take an exercise class but can't commit to the full semester? Maybe you travel and can only come to classes here and there. We have a solution for you! We now offer Drop-In Classes. Pay the front desk $10 for a class that is marked as drop-in listed on the exercise & dance schedules. Keep in min drop-in availability may be limited due to space.